Something that many of us dog lovers may not spend much time thinking about is actually more important than you may have imagined.

This article is all about the different categories and types of dog bowls and why it is important to have the right kind of dog bowl for your particular dog.


Our favorite fur friends all are unique, with different needs and requirements, which also includes their drinking and feeding bowls.


Although you may not have previously thought much about the differences in dog bowls, there are multiple types and categories of bowls designed to suit every breed and size of dog.


While most dogs could care a fig about what type of bowl they have, there are many choices designed to be appealing to the human side of the equation who is concerned with style and home decor. With the many choices available to dog lovers today, you can be certain to find the perfect bowls for your furry companions that will also be enjoyed by the humans.


Following is an overview of the many common, and the not so common, categories of dog bowls to help you find the ones best suited for your special canine companion.



Automatic Watering Bowls: are standard dog bowls (often made out of plastic) that are attached to a large reservoir container which is designed to keep a dog’s water bowl full of water as long as there is water remaining inside the storage compartment.


An automatic watering bowl is a convenient and practical choice for keeping fresh water constantly available to your dog whether inside or outside the home.


Ceramic/Stoneware Bowls: are a great choice for those who like plenty of choices. If you like options, personality and color, you may want to choose a ceramic or stoneware dog bowl for your furry companion.


A ceramic bowl also provides the advantages of being both sturdy and easy to clean up, and when you combine this with endless choices of color, shape or design, you are sure to find a bowl that suites your tastes.


The downside of choosing a ceramic or stoneware bowl is that they can be more prone to chipping or cracking if dropped.


Elevated Bowls: or raised, dining table dog bowls are tidy and classy choice for any size dog, and although they come in sizes suitable for any breed size, they are especially convenient for long legged breeds of dogs because the floor is a long way down when you’re an Irish Wolfhound.


When you choose a raised dining table for your dog, you will make your dog’s dinner time a much more comfortable experience.


Thermal Outdoor Bowls: are perfect for those dogs who spend their lives outside, such as many working type breeds who have their eating and drinking areas outside where it may get pretty cold.  While most working dogs eat their food as soon as it lands in the bowl, if the water bowl is not warmed, your dog will not get much of a drink from a frozen block of ice.


No Skid Bowls: are a good solution for those types of enthusiastic eaters who really get physical at feeding times and end up pushing their dog bowls all over the floor. An easy solution for the energetic eater would be a non-skid dog bowl to help keep Fido or Fifi’s bowl where you put it.


No Tip Bowls: are specialized dog bowls specifically designed for the doggy eater that enjoys the fun of flipping over their dinner or water bowls all over your clean floor.


You may want to consider a no spill, no tip bowl if you find that you’re spending more time than you’d like cleaning up a big mess every time your dog finishes eating or drinking.


Slow Feeder Bowls: many dogs gobble down their food so fast that it can cause harmful side effects, such as digestion problems, choking, throwing up, and even death from bloat (gastric dilatation) caused from a twisted stomach.


After cancer, bloat or stomach torsion is the #2 killer in dogs, so if your dog is deep chested and is eating their food like there’s no tomorrow, you will definitely want to consider a slow feeder bowl.


There are almost as many names as there are styles of slow eater bowls, including “Go Slow”, “Slow Feeder”, “Brake-Fast”, “Slow Me Down”, and “Anti-Gulp” and if your dog is wolfing their food, you should have no trouble finding a slow eater bowl that will help this situation.


Stainless Steel Bowls: many humans choose stainless steel dog bowls for their fur friends because they are pretty much indestructible, are sanitary, easy to clean, and don’t leach harmful chemicals into the food or water. Water also stays cooler for a longer period of time in a stainless bowl.


The only downside of a stainless steel dog bowl is that they can be noisy, and offer little for the human concerned with aesthetics who may prefer a little personality.


Wooden Bowls: if you are concerned about your home decor, there’s no need to sacrifice function for style and decorating choices because wooden dog bowl dining stations are stylish pieces of beautiful furniture unto themselves.


Travel Bowls: many lucky dogs travel about with their human companions, and this is where a convenient travel dog bowl is not only handy, it’s also very practical.


Many travel dog bowls are made out of cloth, which can be difficult to clean and are usually dark colored on the inside, making it difficult for your dog to see the water or food inside.


There is a great little, collapsible dog bowl, made out of renewable bamboo that easily works for all your travel bowl needs, no matter what size your dog.


This dog bowl collapses down to different sizes, depending on quantity of food or water required, takes up minimal space, is easy to clean and is environmentally friendly, too.


If you would like to learn more about all the different styles of dog bowls available, visit, which is a one-stop website dedicated to every food bowl imaginable and helping you find the perfect bowl for your dog.


The helpful staff at www.PeachyKleenPets.comhope that you now have a much better idea about which type of dog bowl would best suit you and your fur friends.


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