dogandcatheads Tea tree oil, often referred to as Melaleuca, is often recommended as natural flea control, hot spot relief, aid for ear infections, and as a skin and coat conditioner. About ten years ago I used to use Miracle Coat Tea Tree Shampoo for my own dog and loved it. It soothed her flea allergies, stopped her itching, and made her coat shiny and soft. Since then however, it has become known that Tea Tree Oil is potentially toxic to both dogs and cats, sometimes even resulting in liver and neurological damage.

It turns out that just 7 drops of the pure oil can kill a pet. Be aware of what is in the products you use not only on your pet, but in your home. Tea tree oil is found in beauty products and first aid products, but also in household cleaners.

Symptoms of poisoning include low body temperature, difficulty walking, seizures, and tremors. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned by Tea Tree Oil, call the PetPoison Helpline immediately at 800-213-6680. You may also want to wash your dog thoroughly with Dawn dish soap to remove the oil before it does any more damage!
I guess it is probably like any other treatment, potentially useful but to be used with care and attention!

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