January through March, business slows a little in a grooming shop in the southeast.  Because of the cold, parents want their pets to keep a longer coat, and so tend to think they should put off the grooming appointment till warm weather is closer.  This can be so uncomfortable for your pet!  Here’s why…

1) Maintenence.  Even if you want his fur long, he still needs all the other things that come in his regular grooming package.  Nails that are left untrimmed will often crack and splinter, and can get hung up in carpets and blankets.  Ouch! Also his ears need to be kept clean and free of hair and debris so he doesn’t end up with an ear infection. Some pets need to have their anal glands emptied as part of their grooming, and that is DEFINITELY not something you want them dealing with themselves on your sofa or living room carpet! He also needs to be washed and brushed out to keep his skin and coat healthy and free of bugs.

2) Sweater-head.  If your dog is wearing sweaters and coats, he’s very likely to get pretty badly matted from the static and friction.  Unless you are combing him very carefully every day, he really needs to come in to the shop MORE often during this time to be thouroughly combed and conditioned to reduce static and tangles.  There is nothing more pitiful than a cold pup who ends up being shaved to the skin because the hair under the sweater “cobwebbed” right up to the skin and the only thing to be done is cut it off.  Pitiful!

3) Hygiene.  In the colder months, we are snuggled up together in close quarters with the windows all shut and no fresh air.  Isn’t it more important now than ever to have your pup smelling fresh and clean?  The last thing you want is to spend a week in February snuggled up with is a stinky dog with eye boogers, a gooey, drooly beard, and dingleberries on his rear.  Yuck!

Please keep these things in mind as we head into “winter” here in the swamp, and keep your pet clean and comfortable till the warm weather returns!


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