Does your dog need the same level of dental care that you do?
Let’s start with you. What happens if you don’t brush regularly? You get a stinky mouth and nobody wants to be near your face. Same with your dog, only he is not able to figure out why you are grossed out when he wants to love on you. You maintain good hygiene by scrubbing the bacteria out of your mouth twice a day, why not do the same for your dog? He certainly can’t do it himself; he has no thumbs!

Starting a toothbrushing routine is a great way for you to keep your dog smelling clean and promote his long-term health.

Like most health issues, prevention is the key. Some things you should implement now to prevent dental problems are:
• Every day cleaning
• Wholesome diet (minimally processed)
• Physical exercise
• Annual checkups for the vet to evaluate the pet’s condition.
*If your dog already has bleeding gums or broken teeth then check with your vet first, as these conditions could make it uncomfortable to begin brushing. She may need an extraction or round of antibiotics first.
If your pet is overly resistant to having their teeth brushed there are some products on the market that could do the trick without brushing. PetzLife Complete Dental Health care is one option; Tropiclean offers a good one as well. With these treatments you simply apply the spray or gel to the teeth on a regular basis, and you may see results within 30 days.
Plaque formation is generally heavier on the upper teeth, and on the outside of the teeth, not the inner side, so focus your efforts there.
In addition to brushing or gel applications, you MAY want to purchase chlorophyll treats (Greenies) for them to chew on between meals. The overall health effects of these are debated in some cirlces, so do your own research before you feed these.
Also see our post on how to brush your dogs teeth.
Good Luck!

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