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Malassezia is a type of yeast (fungus) that causes itchy, flaky, oily skin in both humans and dogs. The type of fungus found in humans causes mild inf...

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Yeast Infections

Does your dog need the same level of dental care that you do? Let’s start with you. What happens if you don’t brush regularly? You get a stinky mo...

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Doggie Dental Care

puppy mill dog

Many people have heard the term “puppy mill”, yet many more don’t really understand what it means, other than that it has something ...

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Dog Trafficking

We have seen a trend lately in the shop of chronic ear infections which are not responding to treatment, but for some mysterious reason, are put on th...

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Ear Infections

dog raw diet

I’ve been thinking about nutrition a lot lately. We’ve been seeing pets having such a hard time with chronic ear infections, itchy skin, c...

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Raw Diet/Natural Diet